Friday, September 11, 2015

Sam DeCavalcante New Jersey Mafia Family

Sam DeCavalcante was the leader of the DeCavalcante family which was a major mafia family based out of New Jersey. The television show the sopranos went on to be made and this is based on the DeCavalcante family. The Don Sam passed away from natural causes in 1997, however his power base was huge. The DeCavalcante family was extremely powerful and they were often considered as only inferior to the major five families of NYC. The New Jersey DeCavalcante were located only a 30 minute drive away from NYC. This family still exists today and is still powerful in the New Jersey area. 

Frank The Enforcer Nitti Documentary - Untouchables Capone Soldier

Frank Nitti was an Italian American mafia member. Protector for the Chicago outfit. Nitti was feared across America and he was the man to go to when the dirty work needed to be done. Nitti was around in the time of prohibition when huge sums of wealth were generated. Nitti was the main man who Al Capone went to for all work. Nitti acted as a bodyguard but also as a loyal soldier. Nitti was about to be prosecuted for several serious crimes, but instead of returning to prison he took his own life. More information on this can be found online. Being a close associate of Al Capone means there is a lot of information on Nitti available online. 

Joe Gallo "Crazy" Life Story and Video Analysis

We look at the life of crazy Joe Gallo. Gallo was a member of the Profaci mafia family which was later named the 'Genovese family'. Gallo had a movie made about him in 1971 which led to him partying with A listers. Gallo became a cult figure in NYC at the time. Gallo was later killed by a Colombo family member in a Manhattan restaurant. No one has ever been charged for the Gallo hit according to online sources. A lot of reading can be done about Joe Gallo and several documentaries exist of this mobster, however most are quite unreliable. 

Don Vito Genovese Documentary : Life Mafia Video

Don Vito Genovese was a legendary mafia figure. He was born in Italy and lived his late life in the USA leading the Genovese family. Vito achieved some great results for his family during the Castellammarese war. As a result of Vito's achievements he had a family named after him. During his late years Genovese mentored the modern leader 'Vincent the Chin Gigante who went on to lead the Genovese family. Gigante was later arrested in the mid 90's for various charges and his trial was constantly delayed due to claims of insanity. 

Frank Sinatra Mafia Documentary - Links & Godfather

Frank Sinatra was a super star. But what was reported in after his life was that he was also a mob associate. Sinatra was close with the Chicago outfit and he knew the legendary Lucky Luciano personally. 

Sinatra was also close with Chicago Mob leader Sam Giancana. Sinatra and Giancana were such close friends, that Giancana would wear a ring that Sinatra bought him at all times. Sinatra was never charged for any crimes, but he was thought to have been involved in extortion on several occasions. This is all unproven and now part of gossip and rumour with these allegations being near impossible to prove. 

Sinatra was an Italian immigrant which led him to being close with all Italian mafia members across America. When he travelled America often mafia members would be sitting at the front of his shows. 

There are several fantastic documentaries which outline how close Sinatra was with the Italian mafia. He was close with New York crime families and also the Chicago outfit. Quite an interesting figure is Frank Sinatra. An absolute superstar in music, but also he had some dark connections. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sam Giancana Video Analysis : Chicago Mafia Member

Sam Giancana was a former leader of the Chicago Mafia. Sam Giancana movie and documentaries are available online and can be seen on youtube because Giancana was so well known and popular across America. Gianaca was an Italian American and his parents were immigrants from Sicillian immigrants. Giancana was killed after cooking dinner for someone he knew. This case is still open and more information on this can be found online. Giancana was well known to hang out with celebrities. 

Tony Antonino Joseph Accardo Story and Mafia Video Analysis

Tony Antonino Joseph Accardo was born in Chicago in 1906. Accardo's rise in the Chicago outfit led to him being the boss from the early 1940's until 1957. Due to heat from law enforcement agencies and being the target of the IRS Accardo passed the Chicago mafia leadership to Sam Giancana. Giancana went on to become one of the most feared mafia members ever. Accardo died of natural causes in 1992, expected to be heart failure. He was 86 years of age. Accardo's success in the mafia can be seen by him dying from natural causes, which is rare in the mafia. 

Paolo Renda Life Story Video And Latest News

According to the Montreal national post mafia member Paolo Renda vanished in 2012. Renda rarely left his house as a result of mafia related disputes in Canada. He was reported missing on the 4th of May 2012. Recently Canadian authorities have appealed for help in finding the missing Renda. During his time of being in the mafia in Canada the Montreal national post alleges he was a Senior member of the late Vito Rizzuto's rain. More media attention is expected in the future in finding Renda. 

Tommy DeSimone "Two Guns" Mafia Member Video Documentary

Tommy DeSimone had the nickname "Two Guns". He was a made member of the Lucchese mafia family of New York. DeSimone was murdered due to being involved in hits on two of John Gotti's closest friends. Gotti was one of the most powerful mobsters in New York over the past half century and DeSimone. DeSimone was 1.88m tall and he was over 100 kg's of muscle. His natural strong presence was well feared. DeSimone's body has never been found however according to online media sources the FBI suspect he was buried in mafia grave yards across New York. 

Giuseppe Greco Sicillian Mafia Member Life Story

According to Wikipedia and other online media sources I found some information on Giuseppe Greco. He was one of the most feared members of the Italian mafia and he was feared globally. Greco was a feared hit man and responsible for up to 50 murders during the 1980 mafia wars in Italy. Obviously it's hard to validate the information however several online media sources are reporting this. Giuseppe Greco documentaries can't be found online or on youtube however it's possible to find extra information about him due to various studies which are accessible online.