Friday, September 11, 2015

Frank Sinatra Mafia Documentary - Links & Godfather

Frank Sinatra was a super star. But what was reported in after his life was that he was also a mob associate. Sinatra was close with the Chicago outfit and he knew the legendary Lucky Luciano personally. 

Sinatra was also close with Chicago Mob leader Sam Giancana. Sinatra and Giancana were such close friends, that Giancana would wear a ring that Sinatra bought him at all times. Sinatra was never charged for any crimes, but he was thought to have been involved in extortion on several occasions. This is all unproven and now part of gossip and rumour with these allegations being near impossible to prove. 

Sinatra was an Italian immigrant which led him to being close with all Italian mafia members across America. When he travelled America often mafia members would be sitting at the front of his shows. 

There are several fantastic documentaries which outline how close Sinatra was with the Italian mafia. He was close with New York crime families and also the Chicago outfit. Quite an interesting figure is Frank Sinatra. An absolute superstar in music, but also he had some dark connections. 

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