Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pablo Escobar Documentary Video : Life of Pablo and His Death

Pablo Escobar is one of the largest criminal figures in the history of the modern world. Escobar was wanted in every country in the world at one stage. Escobar's power was so large in Colombia that he was often referred to the most powerful person in that country. Escobar had enormous wealth and he was estimated to be making anywhere from $1 million a day and upwards. One story that came out mentioned when Escobar was hiding from law enforcement he was forced to take refuge in a jungle and to stay warm he burnt the money which he had with him. And that was a lot of money. Their are several fantastic documentaries about Pablo Escobar available to watch online free.

Escobar was feared he had a team of hitmen and he implemented some crazy schemes. However his power couldn't be denied and the US eventually had to help in capturing Pablo who was evading authorities for large periods of time. He often built his own prison in Colombia such was his power and it was more like a resort. He paid his favorite professional football players to entertain him and he held legendary parties. 

Escobar in death is still one of the most infamous figures searched online and this can also be seen by how many views his documentaries and life story videos have on youtube. 

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