Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Charles Lucky Luciano Life Story and Documentary Video From Fan Page

Charles Luciano was born in Sicily and he went on to become one of the most notorious mafia members in history. He was the founder and often referred to as the father of the American mafia. He also started the commission which allowed all the mafia families in America to work together to come to agreements, rather than fight disputes out on the street which would have led to large surveillance and FBI attention. Luciano was the Don of the Genovese family which still exists today and this family is widely considered one of the most feared and secretive in todays age. According to several sources online Luciano was a very intelligent person and his family still go by these practices of silence and not being seen. The Genovese family currently according to NY outlets are quiet and no one knows who the don of the family is, which makes surveillance ineffective. 

Luciano was eventually deported from America and he died from a heart attack in Campania at 64 years of age. Luciano is still widely considered to be the founder of the mafia in America and his picture is widely recognized. 

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