Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mad Sam Destefano Early Years : Spilotro, Movie and Video Documentary

We look at the early years of mad Sam Destefano. He was seen as one of the worst murderers in the history of the mafia. He was said to be mentally unstable and he would fly out of control at any time. The Chicago mafia outfit used him to effect throughout multiple disputes in decades of rule. He was also known to represent himself at all trials, often coming off as crazy. He was also known to urinate in the coffee beans of FBI agents when they came to interview him according to several online media outlets. According to Wikipedia Tony Spilotro was a man of interest in relation to the shotgun death of Sam Destefano. Sam has limited movies and documentaries on youtube of him that are recent. However footage from over 10 years ago can be found which is extremely useful. 

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