Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Nicodemo Nicky Scarfo Sr & JR Documentary Video Analysis

Nicky Scarfo Sr was one of the scariest mafia members of all time. His documentary video in the series mobsters showed he was that feared that when he went to a beach or any social function, he would be approached by huge men saying that he was their idol and things like that. The amount of respect Scarfo had throughout the Philadelphia area was scary. He was known to order a hit at the drop of a finger. 

Scarfo Sr is currently serving life in a federal prison in the USA. Where is Scarfo now? He is currently in Federal prison in North Carolina and he is expected to be released by 2033 when he will be 103 years old. Since we are only 18 years away, some mafia members must be nervous that Scarfo may actually come out alive. Even with old age, Scarfo is still feared. 

Scarfo Sr was originally born in Brooklyn. 

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