Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Anthony Casso 60 Minutes Full Interview

60 Minutes Full Interview : Gaspipe Anthony Casso 

For those intrigued with the mafia in America, the most sought after interview is that conducted by 60 minutes with Anthony Casso close to a decade ago. The interview was intriguing, it gave viewers an insight into the scary figure which was Anthony Casso. Casso is still in federal prison and he is one of the most popular former mafia members, behind John Gotti. Casso was part of a rival mafia family called 'the lucchese's' according to various documentaries on youtube. Now where can you find the Casso documentary? At the moment a few posters on forums are promising it will be up on youtube soon. I can't seem to find the documentary on the 60 minutes website, however I have emailed support so hopefully it's up soon. It's a real eye opener for all mafia fans. 

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