Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What is the best Roy Demeo Movie or Documentary?

There isn’t a specific Roy Demeo movie out, similar to the move that is meant to come out about Anthony Casso, one is expected to be released in the future. Roy is however in the film ‘The Iceman’. As you can notice in the film, the iceman Richard Kuklinski only feared one man in that and it was Roy Demeo. Roy is often seen talking down to Richard in the movie. However this has been queried with many experts and former agents stating that the two didn’t know each other. As we often say it’s quite hard to find information on all of this, all we can do is research online and watch videos available on youtube.

Roy has several documentaries on youtube available to watch. All three are quite good, however quite scary. Some of the activities Roy did are just fearsome. So many people, according to these documentaries and sources that have disappeared.

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