Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Who Was The Biggest Mafia Boss Ever

Biggest Mafia Boss

Since this site is dedicated to the ‘Italian Mafia’ information, which is the biggest crime gang ever to occupy certain parts of Italy and America in the mid to late 1900’s we will name the biggest mafia bosses out of their members. Now there are five major bosses who all need to be talked about as they all had ridiculous power at different stages.

Al Capone : Virtually the largest and scariest mafia boss ever. Capone dominated American crime during his period. There was no rival. The difference between Capone and all other big mafia bosses is that Capone eliminated all opponents.

Carlo Gambino: He was the largest mafia boss in America for the last two decades before his death. Such was his power that he died peacefully in his bed from natural causes. Gambino was said to be one of the most intelligent bosses ever.

John Gotti: As the name of this page shows, Gotti had the biggest name media wise. Gotti was well known across the world. However this all wasn’t good for the mafia since this life was meant to be totally secret and private. Gotti’s power was also insane, he had over two thousand men under him all prepared to do anything for their cause.

Anthony Casso: Despite being high up in the Lucchese crime family and never a boss due to choice – Casso only wanted to be underboss. Casso was one of the largest earners in mafia history and one of the most feared. Most mafia members when they have an arrest warrant out, go into hiding. Not Casso, he ran his mafia family for two years before he was tracked and arrested by FBI.

Vincent Gigante: Gigante was one of the last captured mafia bosses. His trial was delayed for seven years after witness after witness testified that he was insane. Gigante had enormous power. Only operating at night and like Gotti had several thousand soldiers below him. Similar to Carlo Gambino in intelligence.

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