Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Who Did Joe Pesci Play In The Movie Casino? Anthony Spilotro

A common question asked is who did Joe Pesci play in the movie 'casino'? Well Pesci played a ruthless mafia hitman called Anthony Spilotro. Spilotro was a stand over man, hitman and leader for the Chicago Mob in Las Vegas. Essentially as soon as Las Vegas started earning the mafia good money they needed to send out one of their toughest most ruthless stand over men. Spilotro was the guy and he got the call up. Spilotro was involved in anything that made money and that was virtually everything.

Casino makes out as if Spilotro had a gambling problem, however all the documents that we can find across the media and internet suggest this guy had boatloads of cash. He was successful at everything bad he put his mind to, so it seems. One of the most fascinating and scary hitmen the mafia has produced. There is video on youtube of Spilotro finishing a court hearing and just walking out quietly. Watching that video is enough to scare anyone.

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