Thursday, August 13, 2015

Anthony Gaspipe Casso Has A Movie About Him

Anthony Gaspipe Casso one of the most notorious American gangsters in history may have a movie being made about him soon. Despite a long list of documentaries being made on Gaspipe, a movie with a solid budget and good cast could be created in the future. If you didn’t know Anthony Casso was once an underboss of the Lucchese crime family according to media sources and other reports available across the internet, radio and newspapers.

Casso was described as a ruthless killer. Documentaries indicate that he went bad after his father passed away suddenly from a heart attack. Casso was close with his father and from there he had a nasty side according to these sources. Casso is now in federal prison but a future movie will be very interesting. Casso has a reputation which is quite unknown when compared to the late John Gotti.

Casso also tried to cut a deal with the feds but it was turned down and Casso was served consecutive life sentences which equaled around 400 years in prison.

Who should play Casso? Well none other than Al Pacino or maybe Johnny Depp would do well. However Casso was quite a strong guy according to what can be found on the internet so a strong actor will probably be needed.

It will be intriguing to see the story of Anthony Casso in more detail as he clearly was one of the most feared gangsters in American history.

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