Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Sammy The Bull Gravano : Former Underboss

SammyThe Bull Gravano : Where To Watch

Sammy the Bull Gravano was the underboss for the Gambino crime family in the late 1980’s. Gravano was very close with John Gotti as both were known as best friends for a period lasting over a decade. Gravano was said to be that close that he wouldn’t have ratted on Gotti if it wasn’t for the secret tapes, which showed Gotti hammering Gravano verbally. Gravano was said to have been a top earner with multiple legit businesses open and running throughout New York.

Gravano joined witness protection and he was allowed to keep his massive wealth. It’s unsure where he currently lives, however according to the FBI and other major media outlets, a hit by Peter Gotti was organized for Gravano shortly after he joined witness protection. This was eventually halted.

The Sammy the Bull Gravano documentary can be found online. There are several. The 60 minutes dateline interview is good as the interviewer asks some tough questions. And some other documentaries are good also, with the latest being about how Gravano relapsed into crime after joining the witness protection program.

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