Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Is the mafia still powerful in Australia and the USA

Strong Mafia Figures in US, Australia and Canada

The mafia is a global criminal organization and is extremely strong in the USA and Australia. Just because we don’t hear much on the media, doesn’t mean this isn’t strong. It’s very strong around the world according to media outlets. For example New York has close to 5000 made mafia members. Yes 5000. That’s nearly enough to fill an entire football stadium. So do a bit of research around and you can see for yourself what leading authors are writing. Obviously it’s important to measure but the presence of the mafia is still huge.

You aren’t going to know  a lot about this organization in Australia or USA or Canada because they don’t like media attention. In fact they don’t like attention in general. They aren’t after tattoos which can be seen by everyone that attracts attention. They like staying quiet. Doing business at the early hours of the morning according to leading newspapers and online publishers.

So we won’t ever know the exact amount. But this organization is huge across the world. The power of this is under rated and their methods are advanced. They are technologically advanced and a lot don’t use electronic devices such as phones. Without phones it’s very hard for law enforcement to monitor messages and put charges through.

If you are interested simply look up several other sites. Around the world mafia organizations are strong and growing fast.

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