Saturday, August 8, 2015

Who Is The Current Head Of The Mafia In New York?

Who Is The Leader Of The Mafia Today In New York?

 The Rico conspiracy laws broke down the mafia for over a decade. However according to various media reports, the FBI has diverted resources away from the mafia, as a result of the increasing dangers terrorism is presenting. Now some people are indicating that since September 2001, when the FBI transferred huge sources to fighting terrorism, there has been less focus in catching the Mafia in New York. However this isn't believed as there has still been big busts and top mafia members have been caught since 2001. 

The mafia is said to have abandoned using all electronic communications such as phones so they can't be tracked. Social clubs which were a huge part of doing business in the 1980's are non existent. As mobsters know these are easily bugged by law enforcement. According to reports the mafia is strong in East New York City and is growing again. 

Information on all this is limited and debatable and we are only referring to other media sources. However there seems to have been growth and leaders are staying away from the spotlight and avoiding media attention today. The Bonnano's are close to the strongest family in New York City at the moment according to various legal reports and press releases from leading newspapers in the USA. 

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