Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Carmine Persico Mafia Documentary Video : Where is he now in 2015?

The Carmine Persico documentary on youtube is one of the best mafia documentaries I have seen. This documentary goes for 45 minutes and it brings out the life on Persico in extensive detail. The only dilemma about this documentary is it doesn’t cover his career once he is locked up.

Persico is currently in federal prison and he is scheduled to be released by 2050 when he will be 117 years old. Persico was feared on the streets of New York and he was boss of the alleged Colombo crime family. According to various sources in the media he still has a very high position, however I would imagine it would be near impossible to maintain this since he’s in federal prison. I'm sure you can find some more information on this online. 

Persico represented himself in court and many experts believe he implicated himself during cross examinations. The lawyer for Persico identified his case as a lost talent. Identifying Persico as one of the most intelligent persons he has ever seen in his life.

Persico was full boss of his family at the age of 39 which was easily the youngest age compared to other bosses. Persico was given a combined 139 year sentence but due to legality issues of the charges he will be eligible for parole much sooner than this and he’s currently in a federal prison as of 2015 according to various sources which were researched.

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