Saturday, August 15, 2015

Who Testified against John Gotti? Sammy Gravano.

Sammy Gravano : Court Witness Against 

Sammy The Bull Gravano testified against the late John Gotti. Gravano was John Gotti’s underboss. They were the closest of friends. Gravano was often said to be prepared to have done anything for his superior boss and he did on a number of occasions. According to court and FBI documents Gravano was said to be involved in some seventeen murders, this was also seen on the 60 minutes documentary.

Gravano cut a deal with the FBI.

There was widespread controversy that a man involved in so many crimes could make a deal with law enforcement. However realistically it was going to be the only way they could get Gotti. Gravano was never expected to cooperate and he is labeled a ‘rat’ across current mob circles according to the sixty minutes documentary which was developed on his life.

He was re-arrested some ten years later for major drug production and sales, even after he relocated courtesy of the witness protection program. As such Gravano is still in jail currently and he is expected to get out in the next few years. The FBI has long been criticized for cutting a deal with Gravano and this was even louder after the former underboss was arrested again. Gravano had aged by the time he was in court for that offence and he had grey hair and several of his family members were also charged in the trial.

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