Tuesday, August 4, 2015

John Gotti Story

John Gotti essentially worked his way up the Gambino crime family and became a celebrity across the United States and the world. At one stage Gotti was receiving fan mail and he had large numbers of supporters appearing at court hearings. Each time Gotti was declared innocent the crowds would celebrate. Gotti was seen as a Robin Hood figure, giving back to the poor.
Gotti rose from poverty and the lower ranks of the Gambino crime family to eventually heading the family in 1986. John Gotti had amazing power and total control and he was one of the most powerful persons in the United States and across the globe during his time in power.

Gotti was nicknamed the ‘Teflon Don’ due to his ability to beat charges. However after being serious charges on a number of occasions the Government increased resources to track and monitor the head of the Gambino family. As a result John Gotti was caught on a wire tap according to various documentaries and media sources and this led to his conviction. He was convicted to a life sentence and eventually passed away in prison in 2002 due to various forms of cancer. Gotti is still well known and the Gotti family are famous.

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