Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gregory Scarpa Jr & Sr Video Documentary

Gregory Scarpa Sr is one of the most feared American mafia members in history. It was said Scarpa wouldn't hesitate to kill on orders and he often enjoyed this. Scarpa was acting underboss for the Colombo family and he was feared across New York. His nickname was the 'Grim Reaper' and no one called him this to his face, they all called him Greg out of fear according to various reports. Scarpa was a veteran and established and strong according to those in his family. Scarpa later died in the early 1990's and Scarpa Jr also had several run in's with the law which led to Scarpa Sr protecting him in various shootouts. 

There is some fantastic videos on youtube of the Scarpa's and their story is insightful, scary and amazing. Scarpa comes across as one of the toughest mobsters of all time. Even when he was sick and in bad physical condition towards the end, according to various sources he was still powerful and operating for the Colombo family. 

Scarpa Sr passed away in June 1994, he passed away from Aids related complications. Scarpa Sr received this from a blood transfusion at a hospital and as a result he won a large payout from the hospital. 

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  1. I knew him well, he lived one block up from
    My family on 82 nd st
    I always liked him and his brother sal