Saturday, August 8, 2015

Where Is Anthony Gaspipe Casso Now?

Anthony Gaspipe Casso

Anthony Gaspipe Casso is currently in federal prison in the USA. Gaspipe has been unable to be released from prison due to the FBI reneging on the deal his lawyers originally agreed to. Casso is expected to be responsible for a large number of murders during the 1970's and 1980's according to various media reports and investigations. The FBI couldn't be seen to do a deal with a man with such a huge number of victims. However according to Casso's lawyers at the time, even other colleages who couldn't be believed were offered deals but Casso was not.

Casso was one of the last mob bosses arrested as he was on the run for over 2 years. He was tipped off about being arrested and continued to run his family on the run. 

From all reports Casso has been involved in altercations in prison however these are disputable. The net worth and earning potential of Casso was huge as he was once the biggest earners in mafia history. He was said to be earning money not seen before. 

Please read more sources, books, videos and media reports for more information. 

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