Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Roy Demeo Cause of Death and Net Worth

Roy Demeo was one of the most feared members of the Gambino crime family Roy Demeo’s fearsome reputation lives on decades later. He was so well feared, even the more superior members of his family feared him. The reason Roy was feared, according to the reports that are available, he could make anyone disappear.

Roy had a crew that got rid of people without leaving a trace. He did this with criminal rivals, he did this for his organization that he was apart of and he also did it for the right price. Roy had this down to a process which was organized, calculated and blood thirsty.

In terms of net worth according to the youtube documentaries and online information sources which I have researched to get this information, Roy was earning up to $250 000 per week, from various businesses. He had a huge car business and he was a massive earner for the Gambino crime family. Roy’s earnings were said to only be rivaled by Anthony Casso’s earnings with both expected to have earnt anywhere from a quarter million $ per week or month, and that’s without taking inflation to todays earnings.

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